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Crawl Space Encapsulation and Insulation in New Concord, OH

A homeowner in New Concord, OH wanted to finish her basement but needed storage space to move everything from the current basement into. She had a crawl space, but it was dirty and humid, so she didn't want to put anything in there as-is. So, she called Mid-State Basement Systems to encapsulate and insulate the crawl space.

We installed a CleanSpace vapor barrier (a 20-millimeter thick plastic barrier similar to a pool liner) and SilverGlo insulation.

Now, the crawl space is moisture-free and well-insulated. The homeowner can move all of the things that need to be stored from the basement into the crawl space, and she can start on her basement finishing project!


Foundation Wall Stabilization in New Concord, OH

A homeowner in New Concord, OH wanted to finish her basement but realized the walls were cracked and bowing. She wanted to take care of this problem first before covering up the problem with drywall. She called Mid-State Basement Systems to come out and provide a free estimate on repair for the walls. One of our inspectors, Mitch Mink, visited her home to investigate the situation and told her that carbon fiber strips would be the best solution. Carbon fiber is a material with a very high tensile strength, this means it is nearly impossible to break it with pressure. We attach these to a bowing or cracked wall to prevent any further inward movement.

The homeowner decided this was a great solution and went with our company for the project. Now, the walls are stabilized and she can move on with her basement finishing project.

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Amesville, OH

Homeowners in Amesville, OH called Mid-State Basement System because they had flooding in their basement that had damaged the paneling on the walls. Once they had taken down the damaged paneling, they also noticed that the cement block walls were cracked and shifting. We installed a WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system, a SuperSump sump pump, Carbon Fiber strips, PowerBrace i-beams, and redirected to downspouts away from the home. The homeowners are happy with the repairs and no longer have to worry about the basement leaking or the integrity of the foundation.

PowerBrace Wall Stabilization in Zanesville, OH

A bowing or cracked basement wall is usually a sign that pressure from the outside is causing damage to the wall. If that pressure is allowed to continue to build, your foundation walls could collapse. That’s why this homeowner called Mid-State Basement Systems for a solution.

Our team installed the PowerBrace Foundation Wall Repair System. The PowerBrace system is designed to stabilize failing basement walls and can help straighten them over time.

Sump Pump Replacement and Basement Waterproofing in Glouster, OH

Lisa J. bought a home in Glouster, Ohio as-is because the previous owner had passed away. She called Mid-State Basement Systems because the basement walls were cracking and bowing, and she was also concerned about water intrusion through the walls.

One of our certified inspectors visited the home to do a thorough investigation and provide a free quote for a permanent repair.

Our crew, led by foreman Byron Salinas, installed several products and performed a dig and push on one wall to repair all of the issues in this home: WaterGuard, SuperSump, and PowerBraces beams. The homeowner no longer has to worry about the structural integrity of her new home or water leaking in the basement, so she can start on other projects such as making it feel like home.

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