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Basement Finishing System

Basement Finishing System Installation in Toledo & Surrounding Central, Northwest, and Southeast Ohio

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In the event of a water leak or even your basement flooding, our basement finishing system will survive.

Columbus's Total Basement Finishing Installer

Most remodeling contractors have to rely on standard “off-the-shelf” building materials when they are hired to finish a basement. However, materials that perform well on upper levels of the home (wood studs, paper-faced gypsum board, plywood floor sheathing) don't do well in basements where moisture levels are higher.

We know this is true because our crews have removed many dumpster loads of mold-damaged wood and wallboard from basements that were finished the wrong way.

The Total Basement Finishing System™ includes products for walls, floors, ceilings, and more that are moisture-resistant and built to handle even the toughest basement environments. We want to provide homeowners with the most attractive, lowest-maintenance, longest-lasting products available for basement finishing. Call us today for more information on our basement finishing products.

Our high-performance basement finishing solutions

  • Wall panels. Available with or without integral rigid foam insulation, our wall panels feature a textured vinyl surface that repels water and moisture, resists mold, and cleans easily.
  • Molding & trim. Our solid vinyl molding eliminates any worries about peeling paint, mold, and moisture damage.
  • Floor matting. Made from waterproof, high-strength plastic, these interlocking floor tiles are the perfect underlayment for carpeting or sheet vinyl.
  • Flooring. Our flooring is available in tile and plank form, always with a plastic base that won't support mold growth or sustain moisture damage. Our simulated wood planks resemble genuine wood flooring, without the drawbacks of real wood.
  • Ceiling tiles. Our tiles come with a 30-year warranty against sagging and a lifetime warranty against mold & mildew damage.

Quick installation is a major benefit of our system

Total Basement Finishing System Benefits

Our wall panels are moisture and mold-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Our floor panels look like hardwood with all the benefits of vinyl: waterproof, won't warp or crack, and won't grow mold.

In addition to being waterproof, basement remodeling products from Total Basement Finishing are carefully engineered to install quickly without a lot of mess. Some of our wall systems, for example, attach directly to the foundation walls. Others slip into sturdy tracks. Our wall panels and ceiling tiles are prefinished, so there is no taping, compounding, priming, or painting.

We understand that many contracting jobs seem to go on forever. We wouldn't want our own houses under construction and a mess for an extended period, so we won't do it to you. With our basement finishing system, we can assure you that your project will be completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner with the highest quality products available.

We complete the entire job, from start to finish

From start to finish, Mid-State Basement Systems can transform your basement into a space you will be happy with. Our experienced craftsmen know how to overcome every basement remodeling obstacle, including tricky layouts, boxing out ducts, installing walls and ceilings, electrical and plumbing, heating and ventilation, finishing stairs and landings, and more. We'll take care of every aspect of the job.

Some things to consider before finishing or remodeling your basement

TBF system installation in Chillicothe

Our wall and floor panels are easy to install, don't absorb moisture, and are impact-resistant.

Most 10-year-old finished basements are due for remodeling because they become damp, mildewed, and musty. This damp, musty basement space represents a third of your entire home's available space and value!

Common challenges when converting a basement

  • Water and moisture problems
  • Limited natural light and ventilation
  • Overhead pipes and inefficient ductwork
  • Low ceiling heights
  • And more!

With the Total Basement Finishing™ system, your basement will remain mold and moisture-free with all the beauty it was installed with. Our professionals pay attention to every detail, ensuring that when it comes time to sell your home, your finished basement will have added significant value to your home. If you choose not to sell, you will have a usable space to utilize how you wish for an entire lifetime.

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We've seen it all and have the expertise to handle every situation. As a dealer of the Total Basement Finishing™ system, we can build a dry, spacious-feeling, well-lit, and safe finished basement that would make any homeowner proud.

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