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Access Wells

Crawl Space Access & Window Wells in Central, Northwest, and Southeast Ohio

Fiberglass dripping off of the ceilings of a Chillicothe crawl space

Repair required. Old-fashioned crawl space access wells are often drafty and leaky, and they can allow pests and animals into your home.

Crawl space access wells are often ugly, unsightly pits that are generally seen as a necessary evil in a home. More often than not, they're made out of concrete, wood, or even metal.

Over time, these wells will begin to fill with leaves, plants, and debris. The wood will rot, the metal will rust, and when it rains or snows, they'll fill with water, flooding the crawl space.

At Mid-State Basement Systems, we specialize in crawl space repair. We can install covered crawl space access wells that will not allow water to leak into your crawl space and will never rust, rot, or corrode.

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Covered Crawl Space Entry Well

lockable crawl space access door installed in Delaware Illustration of an exterior French drain system installed around the perimeter of a home

The Turtl™ is a durable plastic crawl space access well that we offer as part of our crawl space vapor barrier system. Providing an airtight cover, it serves as a crawl space access well AND door combined!

Made to replace those old concrete, wooden, or metal crawl space access wells, it's just what you need for a more attractive and long-lasting choice. Available in green, brown, and beige, we have a color to match nearly any home.

"The Turtl™" Specifications

  • Long-Lasting Durability -- The rigid plastic design will hold up to daily wear and tear. Its rigid plastic design ensures that it will never rot, rust, or need paint.
  • Lockable Design -- For increased security and protection, The Turtl™ can be secured shut with a locking device, like a door.
  • Three Attractive Colors -- The Turtl™ is available in green, brown, and beige colors.

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