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Work Requests in Columbus

Mid-State Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Columbus. Learn more about Mid-State Basement Systems's recent work requests in Columbus and nearby areas!

Learn more about Mid-State Basement Systems' recent work requests in Columbus, OH
Vicinity of Whitman Rd in Columbus
Water in basement. Likely to hydrostatic pressure.
Vicinity of Birkdale Drive in Columbus
Foundation wall appears to be bowing inward about 2 inches along the middle rear of the house. Noticed thin cracks in basement walls.
Vicinity of Highbluffs Blvd in Columbus
38years old house, what smells bad in summer. Crawlspace under half of the house. Crawlspace does has some silverish insulation on walls but gravel on the ground. Roughly 800sqr feet.
Vicinity of Kerrwood Drive in Columbus
We have a basement that now has bare concrete walls and we would like to see what it might cost us to insulate the walls to prepare to some day finish them.
Vicinity of Kirkham Rd in Columbus
45x16 addition that I'd like to use screw piles for
Vicinity of Avonwick Pl in Columbus
I have a crack in my ceiling coming from my attic in the garage. Along with other foundation cracks in will appearing after we bought our house less than a year ago.
Vicinity of Azelda St., in Columbus
I have an old house with cracks in the floor & walls
Vicinity of in Columbus
My name is Aaron Spencer with Duffy Construction Management. I have a new residential home under construction at 96 N. 5th St in downtown Columbus that is on a crawl. I saw on your web site the "Turtle" access wells. I have 2 crawl accesses that I need wells for. 1 is 40" W x 31" T and the other is 40" W x 39" T. I only have about 33" in depth from foundation out. Will these work for these dimensions and if so could you provide me with a quote?
Vicinity of Mock Rd in Columbus
I need to have a foundation inspection for my mortgage.
Vicinity of S Oakley Avenue in Columbus
I have a room outside by the garage and seems to leaking water.. I'm looking to fix it up but I need to take care of that first..
Vicinity of in Columbus
Foundation problems
Vicinity of Koebel Road in Columbus
I need a sump pump Basement flooded twice this year
Vicinity of Brandon Ct, in Columbus
Craw space insulation correctly and a place one can go in a small room for my younger kids can play in probably its 88" H 189" W 224" L
Vicinity of Malvern Ave. in Columbus
We are in contract on a home and would like the foundation evaluated for repair with an estimate given for price.
Vicinity of Treehaven Lane in Columbus
I recently moved into a hole with a crawl space. Part of the insulation was damage by a burst pipe leading out to a hose bib. That has been repaired but the insulation on that wall is damaged and needs replaced. I also believe a lot of cold air is getting in through the basement currently.
Vicinity of E Main St in Columbus
Have some brick flaking and was wondering if it needs repair. Have some pictures for reference.
Vicinity of Ray Street in Columbus
An addition was added to the home and the original floor are uneven. Panning to install carpet and would like to have the floors leveled out.
Vicinity of Thomas Ave in Columbus
Small wet basement
Vicinity of City Park Ave. in Columbus
Leaking basement and mold.
Vicinity of Zimpfer St. in Columbus
I have an older home in Merion Village, Columbus. My floor in the living room, which is right above the cellar, is starting to give when you walk over. Might need a steel beam or wooden beam replacement. Thanks.
Vicinity of Dover Rd in Columbus
Flooding in the semi finished basement when we have big rain storms. There is a basement door that lead to the outside with a very old drain on the outside.
Vicinity of Berwick Blvd in Columbus
1-basement wall has shifted, not bulging. about 1-inch or less from 20 years ago.
Vicinity of Milden Rd in Columbus
I need to get a sump pump installed in our basement. We had water a few times this year. We do not currently have a sump. Thanks.
Vicinity of Lincoln Avenue in Columbus
We are looking to install a sump pump in a home we are purchasing. It's an unfinished basement, built in 1924, no trenching system or previous sump present.
Vicinity of Newell Dr in Columbus
Craw space sealed and insulated.
Vicinity of Sinclair Rd. in Columbus
Basement wall leaks water around steps in early Spring, remaining basement is always dry, never have water seep up through floor.
Vicinity of Canaday Ct in Columbus
Front porch and side brick wall settling. Causing issues with door and cracks and gaps in block foundation
Vicinity of in Columbus
Out side bricks wall crack
Vicinity of Tibet in Columbus
Basement foundation issues . I have pictures can provide to.
Vicinity of Valley Park Ave in Columbus
Waterproofing, weep hole block walls
Vicinity of Linworth Village Dr in Columbus
My dad's basement has water in the corner, and it looks like the foundation floor is cracked in that corner. He also has a leaking pipe that leads to his master bathroom.
Vicinity of Tennyson Ct in Columbus
Damp, musty crawl space and basement. Also possibly interested in a radon mitigation system
Vicinity of Wellesley Drive in Columbus
Wet basement, crawl space. Would like to refinish an old wall too.
Vicinity of Duxberry Ave in Columbus
Floor wet in basement in a few areas
Vicinity of ACADEMY COURT in Columbus
Vertical crack and bow in basement wall
Vicinity of Downey Dr in Columbus
Crawl space 506 sq ft needs sealed properly
Vicinity of Emory St in Columbus
Water staining on 3 ft piece of baseboard in the finished part of our basement. Looking to have someone find the issue, repair, and possibly fix any drywall or baseboards that need to be replaced. Looking for a hopefully quick turnaround. Thanks, Jon
Vicinity of Walmar in Columbus
Basement mold identification and estimate for corrective service
Vicinity of Arden Rd in Columbus
Crawl space insolation quote
Vicinity of Lytham Ct. in Columbus
Damp basement. would like to convert to living space.
Vicinity of Chelford Dr in Columbus
When it rains hard my basement floods and high water sits outside of the windows. I would like a quote.
Vicinity of Oak St in Columbus
Bowed exterior wall and crumbling basement wall. I have a copy of the structural engineers report for reference.
Vicinity of Union Avenue in Columbus
House is leaning towards the back left. Built in 1930 the house is on blocks, no slab or basement. Would like a quote to get it leveled out.
Vicinity of Dunbarton Rd in Columbus
Bowing wall.
Vicinity of Cranwood Sq South in Columbus
Almost every time we get a hard rain our city storm or sanitary backs up and we get water up thru our floor drain
Vicinity of Avondale Ave in Columbus
I have a wet basement and an exposed crawl space with dirt showing, etc. Looking to learn more about waterproofing and clean up / hiding the crawl space dirt.
Vicinity of BUENA VISTA AVE in Columbus
Floor stabilizer system install in crawl space to stop settling.
Vicinity of Naize Rd in Columbus
When it rains a little water runs in a part of the basement of the house
Vicinity of Hiawatha St in Columbus
Refinancing. Need contractor inspection. I have received an estimate. West basement wall bowed over 3", East basement wall bowed 2.5", North and South basement walls bowed 1"each.
Vicinity of E Maynard in Columbus
One corner/wall of my basement/foundation is significantly deteriorated.
Vicinity of Rutland Way in Columbus
Hello - We are trying to determine the source of water in our basement. We've had some issues off and on over the years. We replaced our sump pump last year and we've gotten a new roof and gutters. 6-7 years ago we replaced the line from the house to the street. In the last 6 months or so there are 2 damp spots in the basement and we need help to determine the cause and next steps. I'm not sure if we need full waterproofing but we're not sure where to start and we'd like to get the basement dry before we remodel the 70's paneling look. Thanks.
Vicinity of Valley Forge Dr in Columbus
I have experienced flooding in my basement laundry area and bedroom. All downstairs.
Vicinity of Bexley Park Rd in Columbus
Want to get a water injection sump pump installed
Vicinity of Norhill Rd in Columbus
Some dark water looking spots in our basement storage area
Vicinity of Fair Ave in Columbus
We would love to have someone come out to discuss flirting options to replace our basement carpeting that was ruined during recent flooding.
Vicinity of E Lincoln Ave in Columbus
We have a leak in one corner of our basement we would like to fix
Vicinity of Wilson Ave in Columbus
I have a small extension on my house that needs to be leveled. It's over a crawl space.
Vicinity of Whitley Dr in Columbus
Lots of cracks in walls.driveway and basement floor.
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Columbus
Basement walls have cracks, and leaking water when it rains!!!! I NEED HELP BAD
Vicinity of Wintergreen Blvd in Columbus
I have a sunken slab that has caused damage to the interior of my house.
Vicinity of Rocky Pine Loop South in Columbus
Mold on west wall. Pump does not seem to be working
Vicinity of BELLMEADOW Drive in Columbus
I have crack in my basement
Vicinity of E Jeffrey Pl in Columbus
Ground water collects/sits in current hole under shower plumbing. When heavy rain occurs water rises and floods into basement. Basement has no sump pump.
Vicinity of Newbury Ct in Columbus
Concern of mold
Vicinity of Yellowwood Drive in Columbus
I have a couple of leaks at the floor to wall interface. I would like to see what can be done. Everyone keeps recommending a sump pump system, but this basement has always been relatively dry until the 7 inches of rain we had a couple of weeks ago.
Vicinity of Creighton Ct in Columbus
We have sideways cracks in 3 basement walls and a crack in drywall on our first floor. We believe they are growing especially after the rain, but are hopeful it's not a structural issue.
Vicinity of Marion Rd in Columbus
Wet basement need sumppump
Vicinity of Merryhill Dr in Columbus
Water in basement from heavy rain and moisture
Vicinity of Hidden Hollow Drive in Columbus
Crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Fair Ave in Columbus
My house was built in 1894 and is showing some deterioration in the exterior foundation. Seeking an estimate to make necessary repairs
Vicinity of Frebis Ave in Columbus
My basement has puddles in it when it rains.
Vicinity of Shadycrest Road in Columbus
Doing demo from a flood and found cracked foundation behind paneling
Vicinity of N. Stanwood Rd. in Columbus
Interested in flooring options for our basement.
Vicinity of in Columbus
We have leaks in the basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Frebis Ave in Columbus
My basement has puddles in it when it rains.
Vicinity of Lifestyles Blvd in Columbus
My sunpump has not working, i don't know how to fix it .
Vicinity of Cline St in Columbus
Basement water coming from ground and some from walls. May want to add a sub pump
Vicinity of HOLT AVE in Columbus
Wet basement
Vicinity of Mount Holyoke in Columbus
Water thur foundation into bsmt
Vicinity of North Warren Avenue in Columbus
Every time it rains too hard, rains comes into my basement a little at a time. Could something be built around the foundation of the house to keep the water out?
Vicinity of Beech St in Columbus
When we have high levels of rain fall we get a small amount of water coming through cracks in the basement.
Vicinity of Lane On The Lake in Columbus
Basement wall some cracking in areas
Vicinity of Sullivant Ave in Columbus
We are taking bits for sump pump for this basement.
Vicinity of Plainview Dr in Columbus
Water seeping into basement. Sump pump replaced.
Vicinity of Rose Pl in Columbus
Need a sump pump
Vicinity of SAWATCH DR in Columbus
Looking for estimate to replace existing sump system with battery back up.
Vicinity of Fairbank Rd in Columbus
What is the general cost for a sump pump installation?
Vicinity of Echo Rd in Columbus
Water run into garage door. I think it might be one of the cause I have basement leak. And to check basement leak at two different sides of basement. Not flooding but leak when there's a hard rain.
Vicinity of Stewart Ave in Columbus
Garage is leaking due to rains. Continually leaks. Need drainage solutions. Garage is separate to house. House also leaks in basement due to flash flooding. Would be interested to understand possible solutions.
Vicinity of Morning St in Columbus
Hydrostatic leaking in half the basement
Vicinity of Ward Rd in Columbus
My basement is flooded. Need help.
Vicinity of Wickliffe Road in Columbus
My basement stairs always leak water into my basement after a hard rain. I had my downspouts fixed and that didn't take care of the problem. I am wondering if improving drainage from that area would help
Vicinity of Studer Ave in Columbus
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Raccoon Dr in Columbus
Stairstep and horizontal cracks in basement walls. Leak on the corner where theres the most cracks. Not sure if no big deal and leak coming in via radon tube or sump pump or bigger issue that will only get worse with time. Just not knowledgeable in the area
Vicinity of Goodale Blvd in Columbus
There is efflorescence on some parts of my basement wall and the wall is wet in some locations. looking for solution to stop this so I can refinish basement.
Vicinity of Wolf Run Dr in Columbus
Looking to have bowing basement walls corrected.
Vicinity of Binns Blvd in Columbus
1920 built home getting water in the basement from walls.
Vicinity of Diven Lane in Columbus
Foundation seems to be sinking over crawlspace. Doors/ windows hard to open
Vicinity of Loganwood Rd in Columbus
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Jaosn Dr in Columbus
Waterproof the basement
Vicinity of S Dorchester Rd in Columbus
Our basement flooded and we had to tear up our old flooring, as well as remove dry wall in one area. We are looking to have it refinished and wanted to look at options from professionals vs. DIY
Vicinity of S Richardson Ave in Columbus
I have notice hairline cracks around the baseboard of the house that run horizontal in almost every room of the home. I have also noticed cracks above 2 doorways (downstairs entry to the kitchen-diagonal and upstairs bedroom closet-vertical). My home was built in 1913. It has a stone foundation and I have noticed a bit of water in the basement from the southwest corner.
Vicinity of , Demington Rd in Columbus
Paint bubbling on blocks of basement wall and cracks
Vicinity of Grandon Ave, in Columbus
Older home in contract for sale - need crawl insulation/vapor barrier
Vicinity of East Broad Street in Columbus
We have water in a section of our basement, gets worse when it rains
Vicinity of Seaton Ct in Columbus
I have had water in my basement this spring. It happens every couple of years with heavy rains. Smells moldy mildewy.
Vicinity of Moler Rd in Columbus
Have a below surface garage so when there is a hard rain water will get into lower level of bi level
Vicinity of Green Meadows St in Columbus
We had an inspection and the inspector said we should have someone look at the south wall.
Vicinity of Fishinger Road in Columbus
Interested in foundation repair and finishing.
Vicinity of Norcross Rd in Columbus
My basement has a small bit of moisture but some getting in after storm. I am wondering if I need a drain system upgrade
Vicinity of Montclair Dr. in Columbus
Crawl space vapor seal / encapsulation
Vicinity of Chase Rd in Columbus
Wet, muddy crawlspace. Also need outside vents to be closed up to prevent more water
Vicinity of Stanley Ave in Columbus
From ProCheck Engineering report... We need one beam supported, one beam sistered and supported, a helical pier on the left side on the house, and French drains on both sides of the house. Thanks!
Vicinity of Chase Road in Columbus
One basement wall is cracked and would like quote for wall support beams.
Richard T. Columbus, OH
Comment: Source BrandBlaster Facebook Service Foundation Repair
Vicinity of Cherry Creek Parkway South in Columbus
Waterproofing has worn off outside wall of basement. Horizontal cracks in interior wall as well as stairstep cracks in a couple areas. Cracks on exterior of west wall as well. Water is starting to leak at the bottom of the west wall when it rains a lot. Wall is starting to bow, but not severely. Mold is starting to form on floor joists. Yellow spots on walls that I believe is from the limestone being pushed out of the concrete blocks by the water.
Vicinity of Stanburn Rd. in Columbus
Have a 12-year-old sump pump that was installed in March 2008. Was told at that time that it should last 25 years. It is tripping the electrical box. Not sure if the cord is bad or what, but since it keeps tripping the box (which is brand new), it must either be a bad cord and/or the sump pump needs to be replace. Using an extension cord, it is plugged into a non-GFCI plug to keep it running.
Vicinity of Footloose Dr in Columbus
Basement taking in water
Vicinity of Brandon Rd in Columbus
I have an existing egress well and window. Well is made from wood. Window surround is rotted, foundation block is exposed. Looking for a synthetic well with cover, possibly replacing window. Also interested in water powered back up sump pump if you install.
Vicinity of Stafford Place in Columbus
Water damage to basement, need repair and water proofing.
Vicinity of Westbury Dr in Columbus
Had flooding, now that the drywall has been removed, concern that there are bigger issues
Vicinity of Elaine Rd in Columbus
My house is a duplex and the basement on my side and tenant side got flooded and the water recedeed over the weekend and I want to understand where the water is coming in and how it is leaving.
Vicinity of WIMBLEDON RD in Columbus
Water in my basement
Vicinity of S Terrace Ave in Columbus
Need system in basement with a sub pump for water in basement
Vicinity of Deforest Drive in Columbus
We had water spouting out of a crack in the basement Friday and the crack got to be about a half an inch thick at one point we are going to have to have work done on the structure of the basement and need a quote
Vicinity of Marina Dr in Columbus
I have cracks in wall most of them small cracks. Also have small leaks in basement
Vicinity of Ramblewood Ave in Columbus
Moisture weep from corner of wall and foundation
Vicinity of Pine Knoll Ave in Columbus
I need to level up my patio concrete.
Vicinity of Marias Point Ln in Columbus
With the recent rain, the sump pump is running every 30 seconds, and the shut-off is knocking. Sump pump is probably 15 years old. Want a quote for the proper size and system to have the current one replaced.
Vicinity of N Stygler Rd in Columbus
Basement floods up to 3 inches when heavy rains happen. We own a sump pump but does not stop the water from coming in.
Vicinity of Girard in Columbus
Home with chronic flooding problems. Usually minor but with hard rain the whole base floods. Looking to have a sump system installed.
Vicinity of Van Pelt St in Columbus
Water is leaking into my basement from storm.
Vicinity of N Hampton Rd in Columbus
Basement has flooded
Vicinity of Deer Run Dr in Columbus
Woke up to water in the basement- seeping up from the floor, and now looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Beechbank in Columbus
Roommate is currently residing in the basement, woke up to it flooded today
Vicinity of Fishinger Road in Columbus
Water coming through basement on one side where floor meets wall.
Vicinity of Hickory Hill Place in Columbus
Basement leaking along the wall
Vicinity of Evergreen in Columbus
Sup pump never stops running pushing small amounts of water from celler
Vicinity of Melkridge St in Columbus
I have water leaking through my walls in the basement and would like to get a quote on how to resolve this issue. Thanks
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Columbus
Basement receives water around perimeter during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Cherrystone Dr S in Columbus
Foundation cracking and bowing
Vicinity of S. Bellows in Columbus
I am in the midst of purchasing this home, and am interested in how much it would cost, to insulate the crawl space (kitchen is above the crawl space), if the seller won't do it.
Vicinity of Miller Ave in Columbus
Basment seemed to be leaking water inside
Vicinity of EAST THIRD AVENUE in Columbus
Walls are cracking, wanna cement crawlspace
Vicinity of Noe Bixby Rd in Columbus
Looking for an estimate to install an 80 foot crawlspace beam and a 10 foot crawl space bean to correct sagging floor
Vicinity of Bulen Ave in Columbus
It is extremely cold in my house and the furnace is located in the crawlspace of which is not insulated. Access to the crawlspace is outside of the house. It's cinderblock exterior walls and concrete floor. Not a very large area.
Vicinity of RONDA RD in Columbus
I have some water leakage and some cracks in my basement. I recently had my basement cleaned out and they also sealed it, but they told me about the cracks and the leakage. I need an estimate, I am also getting a second quote. I prefer that you contact me via email to set up an appointment.
Vicinity of Regents Road in Columbus
I have a house on a slab. I have some cracking in the drywall ceiling running down the middle of the house perpendicular to the joists. The internet says to have these checked out so was just curious if they are cosmetic or structural. Thanks
Vicinity of Wesliegh Run Dr in Columbus
Clean and seal crawlspace for a cleaner home and extra storage space
Vicinity of Baywood Place in Columbus
Bowing basement walls. Looking for I beam type of stabilization.
Vicinity of Millrace Drive in Columbus
Vapor barrier and insulation for craw space. I need a quote. Thank.
Vicinity of in Columbus
Need space crawl space encapsulated
Vicinity of Crestview in Columbus
Basement and crawl space not insulated sufficiently and same in building first floor attached
Vicinity of Northview Avenue in Columbus
Bowing wall in basement
Vicinity of Lenore Ave in Columbus
Reinforcement in crawl space
Vicinity of Maplebrook in Columbus
Curious on cost to encapsulate the crawl space in my home.
Vicinity of Morning Glory in Columbus
Damp/molding/smelly basement
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