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Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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CleanSpace Installation in Caldwell, OH

A before and after look at a crawl space repaired by Mid State Basement Systems in Caldwell, OH.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Insulation in New Concord, OH

A homeowner in New Concord, OH wanted to finish her basement but needed storage space to move everything from the current basement into. She had a crawl space, but it was dirty and humid, so she didn't want to put anything in there as-is. So, she called Mid-State Basement Systems to encapsulate and insulate the crawl space.

We installed a CleanSpace vapor barrier (a 20-millimeter thick plastic barrier similar to a pool liner) and SilverGlo insulation.

Now, the crawl space is moisture-free and well-insulated. The homeowner can move all of the things that need to be stored from the basement into the crawl space, and she can start on her basement finishing project!


Crawl Space Waterproofing & Encapsulation in The Plains, OH

A homeowner in The Plains, OH called Mid-State Basement Systems because she had a wet and dirty crawl space with insulation falling from the ceiling. We sent out our certified inspector, Phil Matthews, to take a look at the area and provide a free estimate.

We installed CleanSpace Liner to encapsulate the crawl space and prevent any water, mold, or other microbes from entering the crawl space again. We also installed SilverGlo to insulate the walls and make the home more energy-efficient.

The crawl space is now clean, dry, and well-insulated. The home will stay mold-free and more energy-efficient than before. The homeowner is happy with the results and now has a usable storage space.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Somerset, OH

When our inspector, Phil Matthews showed up to take a look at this Somerset, OH crawl space, he found a few issues that needed addressing. Phil explained to the homeowner that the amount of ventilation in his crawl space was sucking outside air and pulling it up through the house. With the warm, humid days we have here in the summer all the moisture in the air is being pulled into the home, creating the perfect environment for mold. In addition to the moisture, Phil also found that the foundation was in need of support in a few areas.

Per Phil's recommendaiton, Foreman Miguel Inguil and his crew sealed the crawl space using SilverGlo Insulation and CleanSpace Vapr Barrier. This will keep the crawlspace dry. The team also installed SmartJacks around the crawl space to add support to the foundation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Thornville, OH

Foreman Miguel Martinez and the Mid-State crew fully encapsulated this crawlspace using CleanSpace vapor barrier. This super-durable, 20mil plastic sheet material is designed to permanently prevent moisture, outside air, and pests from getting into your crawl space.

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