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Easy Remodeling

The Easy Basement Remodeling Solution in Central, Northwest, and Southeast Ohio

The efficient way to remodel a basement with products that won't succumb to moisture damage 

Basement remodeling is growing very quickly in popularity. With that said, Mid-State Basement Systems is proud to provide an easy, efficient and beautiful basement finishing process.

We have ditched the traditional way of remodeling a basement and have made it easier with our waterproof, mold-resistant, long-lasting, durable products.

Mid-State Basement Systems would like to show you the steps of our services so you can see the difference in our remodeling process from our competitors. We carry patented wall, floor and ceiling finishing products designed to create a dry, timeless space in your basement.

Our basement finishing services are available throughout Columbus, Lima, & surrounding areas of Ohio. Call us today if you would like to receive a free estimate on our new, advanced way of finishing basements.

You'll LOVE our Basement Finishing Process

  • Free design consultation & estimate in your home
  • Minimal waste & mess
  • Quick installation of waterproof, stain-resistant, mold-resistant materials
  • Easy replacement options for wall, ceiling, and floor products
  • Top-quality wall insulation

A system that makes basement remodeling stress-free

Basement remodeling with TBF is easy because all of the products are easy to install & won't retain moisture, creating a neat, clean look.

After 20 years of witnessing finished wood and drywall basements ruined by condensation, ground water leaks, and plumbing leaks, Basement Systems founded Total Basement Finishing to provide a waterproof, durable solution to finished basements that would be ruined by mold or rot. Their solution was a system that utilized water, mold, and moisture-resistant products that would stand up against condensation, moisture damage, and mold growth.

The first step of the process starts with a free estimate. One of our representatives is able to discuss with you our basement finishing options, which will allow you to take control of your project. Finally, we install our patented and warrantied TBF walls, ceilings, and flooring options that will fight the harmful effects of moisture, creating a dry, beautiful space in your basement.

We allow you to customize your basement in any way you please. Whether you would like a fully remodeled living area or you want a finished space for extra storage, we have a wide array of products designed to meet your specific needs.

After each basement finishing job, we reach out to our customers to ensure your satisfaction and receive feedback on our quality work. If you ever need work down the road or a follow-up with warranty work, we are happy to be of service.

Speak with one of our basement finishing experts today

Take a look at our basement finishing system to see all the ways we can improve your home's space. Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule a consultation and free estimate. We proudly serve Columbus, Lima, Chillicothe, Springfield, Delaware, Westerville, Dublin, Newark, Marysville, and nearby.

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